CNN’s Van Jones: Life ‘worse’ for blacks under Biden

The poor economy is a “special heartbreak” for African-American voters, in part because of the trust they put in Joe Biden, says CNN contributor and longtime Democratic activist Van Jones.

First of all, he said in a segment Thursday, “the pain is more intense.”

“The rising gas prices, food prices really walloped the black community in a particular way,” Jones said.

“But the hope was so much higher,” he said. “You have a community that came out in huge numbers in 2018, huge numbers in 2020, expecting things to get a lot better and, instead – economically, at least – it didn’t come true. It got worse.

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“And so, you’re going through a summer now of real heartbreak with black voters – the polls show that,” he said.

“And I think Biden has got to take that very seriously.”

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