CNN’s seven-hour climate town hall was a ratings disaster: report

CNN’s seven-hour town hall on climate change was a ratings disaster, according to The Hill’s Joe Concha.

Fox News came out on top for the day, the network reported, with MSNBC at a distant second.

In dead last? CNN’s town hall.

A ratings disaster

The town hall saw Democrat voters and CNN moderators alike eagerly awaiting answers on climate policies from the many Democrat White House hopefuls. But when the event wasn’t putting people to sleep, it was exposing the insane agendas of Democrat candidates.

The goal for many Democrats intent on avoiding a “climate catastrophe” is to move to renewable, clean power. But most available forms of renewable energy, like solar and wind, are ineffective and stand no chance of powering the U.S.

Worse, Elizabeth Warren and Bernie Sanders announced their intentions to shut down nuclear power: the only clean fuel that can legitimately power the nation.

Indeed, nuclear power is zero-emission and currently supplies 20% of the nation’s energy. But top Democrats want it gone.

Their other ideas ranged from combatting “environmental racism” to banning plastic straws and red meat.

What’s next for CNN?

It looks like with these insane ideas at the forefront of the conversation, CNN couldn’t save its ratings. But maybe there’s something bigger at play here.

CNN couldn’t bring in the viewers with a big event like a seven-hour town hall. They even couldn’t compete with Fox or MSNBC’s regular programming.

Could this be the end of CNN as we know it? Only time will tell.

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