CNN’s Chris Cuomo stays out of the spotlight amid budding scandal involving brother Andrew

CNN host Chris Cuomo took some time off the air this week as he finds himself embroiled in a budding scandal involving his brother, New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo (D).

The Washington Examiner reported Wednesday that CNN’s Anderson Cooper had been filling in for the longtime host of Cuomo Prime Time until he returns from vacation next Monday.

On Tuesday, a Twitter account for the CNN show said Chris Cuomo would be spending the time “with his family.

Rewriting the past?

Chris Cuomo’s week off comes amid growing problems for his governor brother, who is now facing allegations of sexual misconduct from more than half a dozen women. Gov. Andrew Cuomo is also struggling to get a handle on a scandal involving a cover-up of coronavirus-related deaths in his state’s nursing homes.

Adding to the trouble: reports emerged just this week suggesting that the governor may have given his friends and family — including his brother, Chris — special treatment when it comes to COVID-19 testing.

A report from the Albany Times-Union first revealed that top health officials in New York were told in the early days of the pandemic to “prioritize” coronavirus testing for those with connections to Gov. Cuomo, including “his brother [Chris], his mother, and at least one of his sisters.”

According to the New York Post, a spokesperson for the governor has labeled the report an “insincere effort to rewrite the past.” CNN also released a statement defending its shining star.

“We generally do not get involved in the medical decisions of our employees,” the network said, according to the Washington Examiner. “However, it is not surprising that in the earliest days of a once-in-a-century global pandemic, when Chris was showing symptoms and was concerned about possible spread, he turned to anyone he could for advice and assistance, as any human being would.”

An era ending?

Whether Chris Cuomo took the week off to deal with the situation or if it was just inconvenient timing remains unclear. But even before allegations of preferential treatment surfaced, the CNN host already seemed to be struggling to remain afloat as his older brother stays in the headlines.

After months of flattering coverage by Chris Cuomo of the governor’s handling of the pandemic, CNN made the decision last month to ban Chris from covering his brother, the Washington Examiner reported.

Recent reports have also indicated that ratings for Cuomo Prime Time are starting to fall. Indeed, while 2020 may have been a great year for the Cuomo brothers, it’s looking more and more like 2021 might mark the end of an era for the Democrat governor and his younger sibling in the mainstream media.

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