CNN’s Don Lemon caught vacationing in Florida after previously attacking the state

A top CNN anchor was just caught in a situation that might leave him red-faced.

Reports indicate that Don Lemon was recently captured on camera vacationing in Florida, a Republican-led state that he has relentlessly attacked with regard to how the state has handled the COVID-19 pandemic, especially over the past nine months. 

Lemon, in the photo currently going viral across social media, can be seen lying face down, apparently asleep, at a resort in Palm Beach Island. The photo was first published by journalist Erin Elmore.

Lemon’s hypocrisy

What makes the photo so surprising, of course, is that Lemon has made a career out of chastising Florida and Gov. Ron DeSantis (R), particularly for its anti-mask, anti-lockdown approach to the COVID-19 pandemic that has actually worked out swimmingly, as case counts are at record lows.

According to Mediaite, on one recent occasion, Lemon accused DeSantis of trying “to turn a deadly disease into an applause line.”

Lemon has also spent significant air time warning CNN viewers — falsely — of the dangers of visiting Florida due to its approach to the pandemic.

Despite the state’s anti-lockdown, anti-mandate approach to the COVID-19 pandemic, it is currently enjoying some of the best numbers in the country, outperforming many states. The state’s COVID-19 numbers have dropped by over 90% since August when Lemon made the aforementioned remark.

Twitter drags him

In response to Lemon’s surprise Florida vacation photos, many Twitter users took the opportunity to highlight the hypocrisy of Lemon vacationing in the state that he seems to spend the most time railing against.

“Proves he is an absolute hypocrite and dishonest human being,” one user wrote.

Still, many others pointed out that despite Lemon’s incessant fear-mongering about the dangers of anti-mask, anti-lockdown Florida, Lemon didn’t seem to be too worried about it as he took a snooze in the warm Florida sun — without a face mask, it should be noted.

One user wrote: “Lol well well @donlemon is lounging it up in the free state of Florida. Guess he’s not too scared of dEaThSaNtIs.”

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