CNN’s Chris Cuomo admits Rittenhouse acquittal was ‘justified’

While many in the mainstream media were happy to paint a misleading picture in their coverage of the trial of Kyle Rittenhouse in Wisconsin, one top journalist just shocked the world by admitting the truth.

According to Breitbart, CNN’s Chris Cuomo conceded on his self-titled program Friday night that the not guilty verdict for Rittenhouse was “justified” under Wisconsin law.

It was the kind of verdict that everybody should want, “no matter who the defendant is,” he said, as Breitbart reported.

Cuomo said what?

Of course, Cuomo’s admission, welcome as it may be, was nonetheless premised on a narrative often parroted by those on the left that Rittenhouse was only acquitted because he is white.

According to The Daily Wire, it’s a notion that has been repeated by numerous top figures on the left in academia, in the media, and in politics.

But it seems Cuomo isn’t 100% on board. At the conclusion of his Friday show, during his handoff to fellow CNN host Don Lemon, the two men were discussing Rittenhouse’s acquittal when Cuomo brought up questions of systemic racism.

“You know, you know you’re going to have people saying if he was Black this would be different, right? Because we’re dealing with systemic injustice right now,” Cuomo said, according to a network transcript.

“And even though this verdict, I believe, is justified by the law and the facts here — that’s what we should want every time — people are frustrated that you wouldn’t get it if he was Black, even though this may be the right outcome,” he added.

“He had the right”

Lemon, for his part, went on a brief rant about the poor job the prosecution did and allegations of bias against the judge in the case before Cuomo doubled down.

“Look, I think that this is a terrible situation and why he is — while he’s not guilty, there is a lot about this situation, while he had the right to do it under the law, it wasn’t right,” Cuomo said. “It was wrong, and it’s hurtful, and people are dead, and it sends a bad message.”

Still, Cuomo said he doesn’t think Rittenhouse should have been found guilty “under this law and facts.”

“I just hope that the understanding of frustration — is not presented as he should have been found guilty because other people would wrongfully have been found guilty under this law and facts,” the CNN host said. “And you should say we want this outcome no matter who the defendant is.”

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