CNN slashes staff after streaming service collapse

For decades, CNN was a mouthpiece of the left while claiming to be a trusted news source. Perhaps that lie has caught up to the network that is now in turmoil.

CNN has continued to slash its workforce in the wake of the failure of its premium streaming service, CNN+, the Washington Examiner reported. Another 20 employees were given the pink slip Wednesday as the fallout continues.

The layoffs included staff from the Interview Club segment of the ill-fated streaming service. It had promised subscribers “access to newsmakers like never before” including reporters, anchors, and guests.

The company said these employees could apply for other jobs in the news organization. “Leadership has spent the past several months evaluating our business to ensure it is best positioned for the future,” a CNN spokesperson spun the layoffs to the Examiner.

“CNN has opened more than 300 new jobs since May and will continue to align our resources with our greatest opportunities for growth.” However, the network has been paring down its workforce under the leadership of CEO Chris Licht.

Since taking over through the merger between WarnerMedia and Discovery, Licht has been scaling back on CNN’s rabidly left positions in the hopes of pulling out of its ratings tailspin. Even the big-name talent has not been immune to the shakeup as CNN axed “Reliable Sources” anchor Brian Stelter and moved Don Lemon from prime time to mornings.

However, even amid plummeting ratings, leftists like former CNN anchor Chris Cuomo have objected to a new centrist approach for the network. “I don’t like the idea that they’re saying they’re going to be more middle ground,” Cuomo said earlier this week of the change.

The problem is that CNN was hemorrhaging viewers even before it launched CNN+, which turned out to be an embarrassing failure. The network has to do something to maintain relevance, even if it alienates its leftist viewers — that is, the handful who are still watching.

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