CNN slams Ivanka Trump and Jared Kushner for not denouncing president’s comments on Jewish Dems

President Donald Trump recently sparked controversy when, in response to repeated instances of anti-Semitism from elected Democrats, he inartfully expressed his belief that American Jews who continued to vote in support of the current Democratic Party were either ignorant or disloyal to Israel and fellow Jews.

In the midst of largely manufactured outrage over those comments, one liberal media outlet in particular attempted to shift attention and blame to Trump’s daughter and son-in-law, Ivanka and Jared Kushner — both of whom are Modern Orthodox Jews — by demanding to know why the couple failed to denounce the president’s remarks.

Shifting blame

CNN, the Trump-hating media outlet in question, published an article in the days following the president’s commentary which asserted that Jared and Ivanka were “missing in action” once again with regard to a controversy involving Trump.

As it turned out — and CNN was well aware of this fact — the duo was vacationing in Wyoming with their children at the time of Trump’s pointed remarks about American Jews and the increasingly anti-Semitic Democratic Party.

Nevertheless, CNN wrote, “The President’s daughter and son-in-law — who are Modern Orthodox Jews — stayed silent publicly as Trump caused a firestorm by questioning the loyalty of some Jewish Americans to Israel.”

The anti-Trump news network proceeded to suggest that Trump’s rebuke of Democratic anti-Semitism was anti-Semitic in and of itself — a rather laughable proposition — and implied — citing anonymous sources, of course — that even some White House staffers thought the president had gone too far in his critique.

No comment

CNN noted that, in addition to there being no public denouncement of the president from his daughter and son-in-law, the White House had declined to comment on whether Ivanka or Jared had spoken privately with the president about his remarks since returning from their vacation.

“While Ivanka Trump does not comment publicly on private conversations with him, there have been selective leaks throughout her tenure when she disagrees with her father. This is, so far, not one of those instances,” the network reported.

The CNN piece proceeded to run through a litany of prior “controversies” involving the president during which both Ivanka and Jared had remained silent or been absent throughout the media’s contrived firestorms, all in an effort to establish some sort of pattern implying the couple’s willingness to look the other way and ignore incendiary positions taken by the president.

An element of truth?

It must be pointed out, however, that CNN’s own report made clear that Ivanka and Jared rarely — if ever — speak out publicly against President Trump when the media gets all worked up over something. Yet, that is exactly what CNN seemingly expected the couple to do in this particular instance — publicly denounce and distance themselves from their father, father-in-law, and employer, as both serve as advisers in the White House.

In truth, aside from the established fact that Ivanka and Jared don’t speak ill of the president in public, in all likelihood they didn’t say anything about these particular remarks because they have a distinct element of truth to them, clumsily expressed though they may have been.

It has been made abundantly clear that a growing segment of the Democratic Party, largely the progressive far-left base and its elected representatives, stand firm in opposition to the Jewish nation of Israel and harbor great disdain for non-progressive Jews in general, and those facts cannot be denied no matter how much feigned indignation and hypocritical uproar is manufactured by the media.

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