CNN anchor and correspondent Jim Sciutto on ‘personal leave’ to address ‘personal situation’

A prominent CNN personality has been missing from the network’s broadcast for much of this week without explanation — at least until now.

Jim Sciutto, co-anchor of CNN’s “Newsroom” alongside Poppy Harlow, has reportedly been placed on “personal leave” in order to deal with a “personal situation,” according to the Washington Examiner.

Though lacking in specifics, the sudden leave of absence is said to be related to a “serious fall” Sciutto suffered in Amsterdam earlier this year while returning from delivering on-scene reports on the war in Ukraine.

On leave to address a “personal situation”

The news about Sciutto’s absence from CNN was first shared in this week’s Confider newsletter from The Daily Beast.

It revealed that Sciutto, who serves as the network’s chief national security correspondent in addition to his co-anchor duties, was the “subject of a CNN internal investigation earlier this year” that was believed to be in relation to “a serious fall in Amsterdam enroute home from a reporting trip to the Ukraine.”

While it remains unknown what, exactly, the internal investigation was about, the newsletter noted that other CNN colleagues who have traveled to report from Ukraine have subsequently returned via “direct flights home from Poland,” which suggests Sciutto’s stopover in Amsterdam, where he suffered the “serious fall,” may have been an issue.

As for that fall he suffered, word is that Sciutto has recovered from any injuries he may have sustained, but has now been ordered to take time off to address an undisclosed “personal situation.”

Not seen or heard from since Monday

The Daily Mail reported on what the Confider newsletter had revealed and confirmed that, per its own sources, Sciutto, who has not been seen on-air since Monday, has indeed been placed on “personal leave” for the time being.

The outlet further noted that Sciutto, who also writes articles for CNN, last published a piece on Monday about the potential U.S. response to the use of tactical nuclear weapons by Russia as part of the escalating conflict in Ukraine.

As for the “personal situation” that he is supposed to address during his time away from the network, neither the Confider nor Daily Mail offered up any speculation on what that might be.

Leave of absence comes amid network-wide shakeups

The Examiner noted that neither CNN nor Sciutto have issued any sort of public statement to address his current leave of absence or what it may be related to.

The timing is interesting nonetheless, though, as CNN’s new management has made several substantial changes at the network over the past several weeks and months, including firing or laying off dozens of staffers and certain on-air personalities, making cuts to various departments, and rearranging parts of its daytime and primetime lineups.

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