CNN says Harris is not Biden’s ‘heir apparent’

You are not going to believe this. Far-left CNN just indirectly insulted Vice President Kamala Harris.

Breitbart News reports that a CNN analyst implied that Harris is not President Joe Biden’s “heir apparent” by stating that Biden has “no heir apparent.”

The remark was made Friday on CNN’s Erin Burnett Outfront. There, Burnett was joined by political commentator Van Jones.

Here’s what Burnett asked Jones:

President Biden, we’re learning, is frustrated because he feels there are powers in his own party that are essentially saying “don’t you even think about running again.” He’s apparently frustrated that they’re trying to run him out of office. Is the feeling and get him to not run for re-election? Now, to be honest, Van, many Americans did assume he was going to be a one-term president, and that’s what he wanted to do, but that was an assumption. How bad is the situation for the Democratic Party, though?

“There is no likely successor”

Jones responded by bringing up Biden’s advanced age and questioning whether he would even be able to make it through two terms as president.

Jones said:

Look, right now, it feels like a lose-lose situation. You know, Joe Biden is a beloved human being, but he’s also up in years, so there is a fear. Hey, listen, don’t forget, when Obama went into office, he looked like a young Tiger Woods. In the beginning, he left looking like Morgan Freeman. I mean, that job will tear you up. That is a tough job. So the idea of can this guy do the full eight years, that’s the question. I think some people aren’t confident.

At this point, Jones just came out and said, “at the same time, there is no heir apparent. There is no likely successor.”

When Burnett raised the possibility of Harris, Jones replied, “sure, Kamala Harris, her numbers are not as strong, his numbers are not as strong, nobody’s numbers are as strong, so a free for all in the last year of his presidency now feels like a lose-lose.”

The Dems big 2024 problem

CNN, here, isn’t exactly covering a groundbreaking story. It’s old news that the Democrats have found themselves in a difficult situation concerning the U.S. presidency. The situation is that Biden is old and unpopular and there is no strong candidate to replace him.

The fact that Harris’s name even gets mentioned shows how desperate the Democrats are. Harris failed as a presidential candidate in 2020, dropping out of the running after failing to garner any support. The hope, no doubt, was that she would gain popularity as Biden’s vice president, but, if anything, the opposite has been true.

Normally, either the president would be seeking reelection or the vice president would be looking to ascend to the presidency. But, neither Biden nor Harris appears to be a viable candidate at this point, which, in a nutshell, is the Democrats’ 2024 dilemma.

The Republicans, on the other hand, have no such problem. They have at least two strong presidential candidates in former President Donald Trump and Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis (R).

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