CNN busted in real-time as it manipulated colors to transform blood-red background of Biden speech to softer pink shade

Controversy has erupted following President Joe Biden’s highly partisan primetime speech Thursday night, and not just in regard to his incredibly divisive rhetorical assaults against former President Donald Trump and the “MAGA Republicans” who support him.

CNN has also come under sharp criticism after the network was caught manipulating its video feed of the speech in real-time to change the background lighting behind Biden from a harsh dark red to a softer shade of pink, RedState reported.

CNN caught altering color in the background of Biden’s speech

When President Biden delivered his Thursday night anti-MAGA speech on the “continued battle for the soul of the nation,” he did so in front of Independence Hall in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, which was lit up with vertical red, white, and blue lights for the event.

Only the red lighting in the center was visible in the zoomed-in video feed of the speech, however, which, when combined with the decidedly authoritarian message delivered by the president, only served to accentuate and fuel the dystopian and fascist vibe of the whole thing.

However, part way through Biden’s speech, the coloring of CNN’s broadcast began to slowly change and resulted in the blood-red background lighting being altered to appear more pinkish, as can be witnessed as it happened in a clip shared by Townhall reporter Mia Cathell.

CNN blames “technical glitch” for color change

The New York Post reported that CNN has been hounded with questions about the apparent manipulation of the coloring in President Biden’s totalitarian anti-GOP speech but, unsurprisingly, the network has attempted to claim that it did nothing wrong and is not at fault.

Instead, a spokesperson for CNN insisted that the altered hues of the Biden speech were due to a “technical glitch” with the main video pool feed provided to all the other networks by CBS News.

That excuse is unlikely to fly, however, as the Post noted that the coloring of the broadcasts of all of the other networks that carried the same pool feed all remained consistent throughout the speech.

Indeed, Mediaite put together a side-by-side video that compared CNN’s broadcast with those of the other networks and the difference appeared quite stark.

So what actually happened?

Ultimately, Mediaite concluded that the supposed “glitch” that CNN blamed was likely just the fact that CBS set the pool feed cameras up before sunset, before it became clear just how deeply ominous the red lighting would appear once the surroundings had gone dark.

As such, the most likely explanation for what occurred is that CNN did, in fact, work to alter and soften the tone of the lighting after the speech began, while the other networks either aired the pool feed as-is or, in the case of MSNBC, made adjustments to the coloring before the speech actually began in order to tone down the bloody background behind their preferred dictator’s rant and veritable declaration of war against his political opposition.

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