CNN journalist gets permission to run with Taliban forces as they sack Afghanistan

Under President Joe Biden’s watch, it appears as his swift and highly-criticized approach to withdrawing U.S. troops will result in what many predicted — a total takeover of the war-torn country by Taliban terrorist forces.

While media outlets across the world cover the rapidly-changing events in Afghanistan, it appears that one American media outlet, unsurprisingly to many, was granted exclusive access to embed with actual Taliban forces as the anti-American terrorist group sacked the country’s capital of Kabul, Mediaite reports.

CNN joins the Taliban?

It was CNN’s chief international correspondent Clarissa Ward who was, somehow, granted exclusive access to embed with Taliban forces as the large terrorist army continued to capture strategic ground on their final march to take over Kabul, which happened on Sunday morning.

Several videos have emerged of Ward reporting from within the ranks of Taliban forces, even being invited into abandoned bases they’ve taken that used to belong to U.S. forces.

Ward didn’t attempt to hide the fact that she and her team seem to be working with Taliban leaders in order to cover the disturbing events, telling CNN colleague Brian Stelter that they’ve asked the Taliban permission to continue reporting from the ground without fear of being attacked.

“For the moment we would like to continue to report here, and we’ve put outlines to the Taliban to that effect requesting that we be able to continue to do our jobs as journalists,” Ward said.

What’s the latest?

While it’s certainly disturbing and makes for shockingly bad optics that an American journalist with a major news network is running with terrorist forces as they complete their takeover of an entire nation, even worse is what’s happening on the ground as of Sunday.

According to the Associated Press, it appeared as if Taliban forces completed the final piece of the puzzle as President Ashraf Ghani literally fled his own country as the large, insurgent force closed in on his location.

Grim images, some reminiscent of the fall of Saigon, emerged on social media Sunday, with one striking photo of a U.S. military transport helicopter hovering above a building, presumably to evacuate U.S. personnel still in the country.

At the current rate, it appears as if Taliban forces, in a matter of a few weeks, have managed to erase virtually every gain made by the U.S in a 20-year period — all under Biden’s watch — and you can watch it all unfold from the Taliban’s point of view thanks to embedded CNN journalists, oddly enough.

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