CNN guest compares GOP budget stance to extremists threatening to poison water supply

CNN’s anchors, guests, and producers have shown time and again that they generally treat conservatives with disdain — particularly those who stand up against the Democratic Party’s progressive agenda.

That was especially clear during a recent on-air interview in which a guest compared GOP opposition to raising the debt ceiling to an extremist group threatening to dump toxic anthrax in a public water supply.

“A threat that can have real economic implications”

According to Fox News, the startling statement came during Sunday’s installment of Reliable Sources.

James Fallows, a writer for The Atlantic, was particularly incensed by a letter sent by Senate GOP Leader Mitch McConnell (R-KY) to President Joe Biden on Friday to advise him that Republicans would not support another increase to the debt ceiling when the current stop-gap measure expires in December.

McConnell essentially argued that Democrats were responsible for the excessive spending that necessitated the debt ceiling increase and should therefore solve the problem on their own side of the aisle.

Of course, Fallows argued that the situation was “not normal,” insisting that Republican leaders pose an “outright threat” to the nation.

“An extreme example would be a group saying we’re going to dump anthrax in the water supply unless you do x, y, or z,” he said. “That is a threat. It’s not a public health threat but it’s a threat that can have real economic implications.”

“At the end of the day, we blinked”

Fallows seemed to criticize the mainstream media for presenting the situation as just another legislative impasse, reiterating his assertion that it “is not a normal disagreement” for Republicans to wield the filibuster to “renege” on the nation’s economic responsibilities.

Democrats currently have a razor-thin majority on Capitol Hill, leading McConnell and other Republicans to dare their counterparts in the other party to go it alone and raise the debt ceiling along partisan lines later this year through the reconciliation process.

Sen. Lindsey Graham (R-SC) was among a number of GOP lawmakers who expressed dismay after McConnell agreed to a temporary hike in the debt ceiling.

“At the end of the day, we blinked,” Graham said last week. “Two things have happened: We let our people down and we made Democrats believe that we are all talk and no action.”

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