CNN exposes Obama’s Russian ‘blind spot’

You are never going to believe this: CNN just published an opinion piece criticizing former President Barack Obama. 

The piece is called “Opinion: Obama’s stunning blind spot on Russia.” It is authored by S.E. Cupp.

Remember this?

Cupp takes readers back to 2012, during that well-known debate between then-President Barack Obama and then-Utah Gov. Mitt Romney (R), who was the Republicans’ presidential candidate. It was the second presidential debate between the two.

During the debate, Obama, you may remember, attacked Romney for having previously said that Russia is, “without question, our number one geopolitical foe.”

“Gov. Romney, I’m glad you recognize al-Qaida is a threat, because a few months ago when you were asked what is the biggest geopolitical group facing America, you said Russia, not al-Qaida,” Obama began.

He continued:

You said Russia. And the 1980s are now calling to ask for their foreign policy back. Because the Cold War has been over for 20 years. But Governor, when it comes to our foreign policy, you seem to want to import the foreign policies of the 1980s, just like the social policy of the 1950s, and the economic policies of the 1920s.

That didn’t age well . . .

At the time, that line from Obama was shown everywhere. But, now, with Russia having invaded Ukraine and taking a hostile stance towards the west, it sure seems silly. Cupp referred to Obama’s line as, these days, feeling “more like a gut punch.”

Cupp goes on to explain how Obama has made the situation worse for himself with recent statements that he made at an event hosted by the University of Chicago. There, Obama openly stated that he does not wish that, during his administration, he had been tougher on Russia because, in his words, “the circumstances were different.”

Cupp also demonstrates how Obama, more or less, implied that Romney had been right, even though, at the same time, he says that he wouldn’t have changed anything.

“It’s hard to imagine a person being less self-reflective and more dug in on an obvious foreign policy blunder, and one that you could easily argue helped lay the path for this current invasion,” Cupp writes.

The last laugh?

Shortly after Russia invaded Ukraine, Romney released a statement in which he pretty clearly targeted Obama, although without mentioning him by name.

“Putin’s impunity predictably follows our tepid response to his previous horrors in Georgia and Crimea, our naive efforts at a one-sided ‘reset,’ and the shortsightedness of ‘America First,” Romeny said before adding, “The ’80s called and we didn’t answer.”

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