CNN analyst gives Democrats ‘reality check’ on rising crime rates, risk of ‘political backlash’

While many Americans have likely noticed that violent crime and homicides have increased dramatically during the past year and a half, it would appear CNN has only just now taken notice of the crime surge that has swept the nation.

CNN’s senior political analyst John Avlon discussed the issue in a monologue Thursday and warned Democrats in Congress and the White House that they face a potential “political backlash” in the 2022 midterm elections if they don’t do something to effectively address the problem, Mediaite reported.

Rising violent crime rates

Avlon made the remarks during the aptly-named “Reality Check” portion of CNN’s New Day program Thursday morning.

Referencing a recent mass shooting in San Jose, California, Avlon said the shootings and death toll were “taking place against a broader backdrop because violent crime increased in the nation’s cities last year after decades of decline and it’s showing no signs of slowing.”

Avlon pointed to a 33% increase in murders in major cities in 2020, which has continued into this year, and contrasted that statistic with “the steep and then steady murder decline America saw between 1991 and 2014.”

“Not only that, the number of police officers who have been shot in the line of duty stands at 141 as of May 16th and 24 officer fatalities this year is the most year to date since 2018,” he said. “So, you’d be forgiven for asking, what the hell is going on here?”

“Perfect storm” of factors

Avlon proceeded to cite “experts” who credited a “perfect storm” of variables for the spike in violent crime, such as “economic anxieties” related to the pandemic, a prevalence of firearms, the COVID-related release of criminals from jails, and the “reallocation of police resources.”

The Daily Wire noted that this phrasing was a politically correct way of describing the defunding of police departments in various Democrat-run cities, some of which are now backtracking on those decisions in light of the resultant crime surge, according to Avlon’s report.

Following an obligatory shot at former President Donald Trump suggesting he bore some responsibility for the rise in crime — this was, after all, CNN — as well as Republicans for blocking gun control proposals, Avlon also noted that President Joe Biden and his fellow Democrats were now in charge, “and you can bet that rising crime will be an issue in the ’22 campaign.”

Democrats “risk political backlash”

“Republicans can turn rising crime into a culture war wedge issue,” Avlon argued. “And as we turn the corner into summer, which is usual increase in violent crime, public safety is again front and center in people’s minds after decades of declines.”

“And Democrats are going to have to deal with it or risk political backlash,” he added. “And that’s your ‘Reality Check.'”

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