CNN admits Michael Cohen lied about not wanting job in White House

Michael Cohen, former personal attorney to then-businessman/candidate Donald Trump who was let go shortly after Trump assumed office, testified against Trump on Wednesday before the House Oversight Committee, despite having been convicted for having previously lied under oath to Congress, not to mention for defrauding banks and avoiding taxes.

During his lengthy testimony, an obviously embittered Cohen launched numerous disparaging and evidence-free allegations against President Trump. But in the process, Cohen may have committed perjury once again. Even the staunchly anti-Trump CNN noticed.

Called out by CNN

CNN chief political correspondent Dana Bash said, “The one potential problem that I thought Michael Cohen has is when he was asked if he wanted a job in the White House, and he said ‘No.'”

“Our reporting … I have been told, all of us, by people in and around the process, real time, he very much wanted a job in the White House,” she added.

Host Jake Tapper interrupted and said, “Let me interrupt you for one second to show that clip that I think a lot of us here raised our eyebrows because we knew it to not be true.”

A clip was played of the moment when Republican ranking committee member Jim Jordan directly asked if Cohen’s attacks on Trump that day stemmed from his not being offered a job in the White House. Cohen flatly denied that to be the case, but his insistence that he actually turned down offers to work in the White House was decidedly less than believable.

Following that clip, Tapper said, “I think the issue there is that one sentence — ‘I did not want to go to the White House’ — all of our reporting suggests that is not true.”

A lie like this could derail Cohen’s entire testimony against Trump, CNN editor Chris Cillizza wrote Thursday, pointing out that Cohen had promised he had changed his ways and was there “tell the truth about Mr. Trump.”

Don Jr. and Eric chime in

As surprising as it was to see a CNN panel call out Cohen, they certainly weren’t the only ones. Numerous members of the Trump campaign, transition team and administration say that Cohen had essentially begged for a job in the White House, including President Trump’s two eldest sons, Eric and Don Jr.

Eric Trump tweeted, “Michael was lobbying EVERYONE to be ‘Chief of Staff.’ It was the biggest joke in the campaign and around the office. Did he just perjure himself again?”

Trump Jr. retweeted Eric’s message, and added, “Nailed it. It really was the biggest joke of the entire transition. The beginning of his bitterness was when he realized that was never going to happen. #Delusional.”

Republican Reps. Jim Jordan and Mark Meadows have already submitted a criminal referral to the Justice Department over possible perjury and false statements made by Cohen during Wednesday’s testimony.

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