Dick Morris says Clintons’ ties to the uranium scandal are growing

A former Clinton insider has shockingly turned on Bill and Hillary Clinton.

In a recent op-ed, Dick Morris questioned why the government is failing to act on the mounting ties Hillary Clinton has to the Uranium scandal while she was Secretary of State.

Dick Morris

Dick Morris has a long-standing relationship with the Clintons.

Morris first started to work with Bill Clinton during his run at the Arkansas governor’s mansion.

When Bill finally got into the White House, Morris served as one his most-trusted advisors.

Many believe it was Morris that talked Clinton into adopting policies that abandoned the far left and meant to be more middle of the road.

In 1996, Morris was elevated to campaign manager for Bill Clinton.

Point being, if anyone knows the Clintons, it is Dick Morris.

The Ties

Morris goes into great detail to provide a bushel-full of evidence that should have Hillary in a courtroom defending her actions:

Bill Clinton was given a big fat $500,000 check for a Russian speaking appearance only weeks before Hillary approved the deal.

Uranium One paid John Podesta’s brother Tony $180,000 to lobby for the deal.

$145 million in donations to the Clinton Foundation have been tied to Uranium One.

Hillary Clinton’s political apparatus was infiltrated by almost a dozen Russian spies specifically to get Hillary onboard with the Uranium One deal.

For anyone with an ounce of common sense, this is clearly pay-to-play.

What is not pay-to-play is gross negligence on the part of Hillary Clinton.

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Yet, she still walks free and appears to be in no danger at all from our Justice Department.

Where, we ask, along with Dick Morris, is the justice?

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