Judge Napolitano says the Clintons, FISA, and the FBI are all going down

Finally, someone is talking about the REAL issues in the DC Swamp.

After Attorney General Jeff Sessions announced a special counsel to investigate Hillary Clinton and the FBI, Judge Napolitano said, “The grand jury will issue subpoenas.”

The Big Announcement

The media were absolutely stunned when Attorney General Jeff Sessions announced the new investigation into Hillary Clinton, the FBI, and the Justice Department.

Sessions announced he was going to appoint the U.S. Attorney in Utah, John Huber, to head the investigation into the role the aforementioned played in spying on presidential candidate Donald Trump.

How It Will Play Out

Judge Napolitano explained exactly how the investigation will play out as well as why Huber needs to be in D.C. to conduct this investigation.

First, the attorney general appoints someone to investigate the case.

The first instance is the role Hillary Clinton played in securing the Steele dossier.

The second instance is how both Hillary and Bill Clinton were exonerated in the Uranium One deal before all of the evidence had been turned in.

The third instance being investigated is the abuse of FISA by both the FBI and the DOJ in subpoenas issued in the Mueller investigation.

Judge Napolitano seems to think if the system itself has any integrity at all, subpoenas are going to start flying once this investigation picks up steam.

However, he also noted it is key for Huber to be in DC, otherwise the investigation has “no teeth.”

Hillary and the Dossier

We know for a fact both Hillary Clinton and the DNC picked up the funding for the Steele dossier.

This is a blatant violation of campaign laws and should be a slam dunk.

Uranium One

The Uranium One scandal seems like it has been in the headlines for decades.

While serving as Secretary of State, Hillary secured the Uranium One deal in what appeared to be a pay-for-play scheme.

Significant funds were funneled through The Clinton Foundation and Bill Clinton was receiving excessive speaking fees by parties involved in the deal.

Again, this should be a slam dunk.

FISA Abuse

Protocol states the FBI and the DOJ can only use verified and truthful documents when requesting subpoenas.

We know for a fact, right from the mouth of Jim Comey, the Steele dossier was unsubstantiated and made unverified claims. In other words, it was no different from someone sitting on their sofa writing in their journal. It was fiction, plain and simple.

Yet, that same dossier was used by Mueller and Rosenstein to secure subpoenas in the Trump-Russia investigation.

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Yet again, it would appear to be a slam dunk.

Patriots, we are about to find out if our Justice Department is actually there to seek justice or just a pig with lipstick.

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