Hillary Clinton says she would win in November, calls presidential race ‘a referendum’ on Trump

Despite her multiple assertions that she has no interest in running for president again, former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton nevertheless opined this week on her chances against President Donald Trump.

During a recent podcast interview, the two-time failed presidential candidate said she would win if her name was on the ballot in November.

“A referendum on him”

Clinton has resurfaced from time to time with an interview providing her perspective on the Trump administration and her 2016 loss to the president.

The president faces what many experts forecast will be a tough race against presumptive Democratic nominee Joe Biden, the former first lady said she would be victorious if she were up against Trump this year.

“Yes,” she said when asked directly if she would beat the incumbent this November, adding that she believes the election “is a referendum on him.”

Clinton continued her walk down memory lane by recalling that most voters knew Trump “from reality TV” before he threw his hat in the ring about five years ago.

“He’d been in their living rooms, and he was a businessman, and he looked like a billionaire, and he rode around in his big plane and all of that,” she added, which led some skeptical voters to give him a chance.

“Sharply divided along political lines”

As the end of his first term nears, Clinton believes that “everybody … knows what the consequences of that have been.”

Nearly two years after the 2016 election, however, a Gallup poll found that the widely unpopular Democratic nominee had not made any significant gains in popularity among those in her own party. Pollsters noted that she failed to see boosts in favorability ratings that generally come along with the release of a memoir and sympathy following an electoral loss.

“Instead, opinion about Clinton remains about as sharply divided along political lines now as it was just before the 2016 election,” Gallup found. “Virtually no Republicans see her favorably (4%), and less than a third of independents have positive feelings about Clinton.”

Of course, any speculation about a last-minute Clinton candidacy is absurd with less than four months left until Election Day.

The fact that she is still nursing the wounds of her stunning loss four years ago, though, only exemplifies the reason many Americans could not bring themselves to vote for her.

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