Clinton accused of being ‘war criminal’ by protesters while being installed as university chancellor

Former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton was in Northern Ireland Friday for a ceremony in which she was installed as the new chancellor of the Queen’s University in Belfast.

While that ceremony may have gone smoothly, the reception Clinton received from a group of protesters outside the event was less than welcoming, as she was repeatedly accused of being a “war criminal” and was instructed to “go f*** yourself,” the Daily Caller reported.

“War criminal!”

Video of the incident has spread on social media and features Clinton decked out in a ceremonial black robe approaching the steps to enter the building while surrounded by her security detail and followed by a young child carrying the lengthy train of Clinton’s outfit.

As she walked toward the building there was an initial mixture of cheers and boos that were ultimately drowned out by shouts from the protesters, particularly one woman who repeatedly shouted “war criminal” at the former secretary of state.

Other protesters shouted “shame,” directed at both Clinton as well as the university, while still others shouted various expletives, including the aforementioned reference to self-fornication.

The BBC reported on the honorary event and shared some of what Clinton had said in accepting the chancellorship of Queen’s University in Belfast, an honor that was initially extended to her in 2020 but had been delayed until now due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

The British media outlet made minimal mention of the protesters who greeted Clinton, save for the assertion that the shouting crowd had simply been protesting the foreign policies of the United States.

Why was she targeted?

To be sure, it is unclear from that brief video clip exactly what Clinton was being accused of being a “war criminal” for, but the Daily Caller offered up a few potential reasons for why the protesters would choose to use that particular phrase.

First, as a U.S. senator from New York, there was Clinton’s vote to authorize the Iraq War — which she then backtracked on once political winds shifted — and support for the Afghanistan War.

Most likely, the chants had to do with her tenure as secretary of state from 2009-2013, during which she strongly advocated for the deadly surge of troops and drone strikes in Afghanistan, the unauthorized bombing campaign that toppled Libya’s government, and a failed push to invade Syria to topple its besieged government.

Regardless of whether it was any of those or other reasons, it was nonetheless clear that the protesters were none too pleased to see Clinton being honored by the Belfast university.

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