Hillary Clinton slams President Trump over lengthy shutdown

Until Saturday, President Bill Clinton was responsible for administering the longest government shutdown in U.S. history. Not only did the Clinton shutdown last 21 days, but it changed the future of congressional budget negotiations by setting a precedent for partisan gridlock that has survived to this day.

Despite her husband’s track record, twice-failed presidential candidate Hillary Clinton thought it would be wise to criticize the Trump administration for the current government shutdown in a Saturday tweet.

Too many chiefs

Clinton denounced the partial closure of government agencies on Saturday as “the longest in history” and complained that Americans are “missing paychecks, losing business, or working without pay.”

Clinton followed up one fault-finding tweet with another, writing that, “Americans can’t afford another day” and directing her followers to call their senators and demand “a vote to re-open” the government. Clinton provided phone numbers to the offices of Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell and several other Kentucky legislators, hoping to put pressure on the GOP to drop their demands for a wall along the U.S.-Mexico border.

President Donald Trump and congressional Republicans are currently fighting with Democrats over $5.7 billion in funding for a modernized border wall along the southern border. Democrats previously offer $1.6 for general border security, but have refused to fund a single cent of any barrier to obstruct the entry of illegal immigrants.

Meanwhile, Americans are currently suffering from an opiate epidemic, and 72,000 Americans were killed in 2017 from drug overdoses. An estimated 90 to 94 percent of the deadly heroin making its way into American communities originates from Mexico.

Many states continue to resist efforts to track non-citizen crime statistics, but the federal government notes that 20 percent of federal convictions were committed by illegal aliens. In other words, there is a crisis at the southern border, and this is a problem that merits furloughing thousands of government workers to fix.

Petty squabbles

Why did the government close for 21 days under President Clinton? The Democratic president and Republicans, who took back the House for the first time in 49 years in 1994, both agreed that the budget needed to be balanced, but they disagreed on how to accomplish this.

“But the two sides couldn’t agree on which long-term budget projections to use — the White House wanted to use data from its Office of Management and Budget, while Republicans wanted the Congressional Budget Office’s,” noted a report from NPR.

If this seems like a petty and narrow-minded reason to lay off 284,000 government workers for three weeks, that’s because it was. Clinton didn’t want to adhere to economic forecasts from the Congressional Budget Office because they were more cautious than predictions from the Office of Management and Budget.

Back in 1995, Hillary Clinton didn’t have any words of wisdom for her husband. She didn’t complain about how the 368 National Park sites closed, resulting in the loss of 7 million visitors, the 200,000 applications for passports that were ignored, the millions of dollars lost from the airline industry, or the 20 percent of federal contracts that went unfulfilled.

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Deadly silent

Mrs. Clinton was silent when it came to a minor budget dispute, but when it comes to potentially saving tens of thousands of American lives, she wants to condemn the Trump administration. President Trump, at least, had a solution for Democrats who want to see the partial shutdown end.

“Democrats could solve the Shutdown in 15 minutes!” he wrote on Saturday. “Call your Dem Senator or Congresswoman/man. Tell them to get it done! Humanitarian Crisis.”

By funding the wall, Americans return to work and the U.S. border is protected. End of story.

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