Former Clinton strategist: Hillary could have run in 2020 if she had promptly conceded 2016 election

Hillary Clinton’s former campaign strategist, Mark Penn, just dropped a bombshell about Clinton’s presidential prospects. Penn confirmed on “Fox & Friends” that her behavior after losing in 2016 cost her the ability to run in 2020. 

Hillary Clinton is a political untouchable at this point. However, assuming the Democrat party would be willing to get behind her for 2020, she still wouldn’t have been able to overcome obstacles of her own creation, Penn said.

Sore Loser

Hillary Clinton has been anything but humble about her loss in 2016. Instead of looking inwards to evaluate the cause of her failure, she blames everything and everyone but herself.

Former Clinton campaign strategist Mark Penn told “Fox and Friends” that Trump’s success with middle-class voters was the true reason for her loss.

His comment came in response to Clinton’s latest claims. “You can run the best campaign and have the best plans and get the nomination and win the popular vote and you can lose the Electoral College and therefore the election,” she complained on Tuesday.

Instead of acknowledging that her campaign wasn’t run well, that her plans failed, and that the popular vote is meaningless, she would rather look elsewhere for an explanation.

Penn said this attitude has cost her any chance she had at competing in 2020. “If she had conceded the election cleanly and talked about the issues, she actually would have been in a great position to get back in today.”

Americans Aren’t Having It

Almost three years later, Americans are fed up with Clinton’s excuses and no longer believe her.

There is no shortage of resentment against Clinton from Democrats. After all, her failure led to the worst-case scenario for their party: four years of Trump in the White House.

Clinton is more of a problem for Democrats than an asset. Her name no longer pulls political weight — instead, it degrades Democrats’ political standing.

Instead of gracefully conceding the loss to Trump and playing the long game, Clinton went scorched earth and burned up her chances.

Americans on both sides of the aisle aren’t interested in Clinton for 2020. Democrats have a wide range of potential choices, none of which carry the baggage that a Clinton ticket would.

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