Hillary Clinton resurrects fake southern drawl during Alabama speech

Though her ardent supporters would vigorously deny it, failed Democrat presidential nominee Hillary Clinton is arguably one of the worst politicians when it comes to inauthentic fakery in the form of pandering for voter support.

One example is the cringeworthy southern accent Clinton occasionally adopts when speaking to groups in the deep south — particularly African-Americans — to sound more relatable. She trotted out her fake accent once again during a speech Sunday in Selma, Alabama.

Accent at the AME

Clinton was in Selma to help celebrate the anniversary of the 1965 “Bloody Sunday” march of civil rights activists from Selma to Montgomery.

While there, she addressed the congregation of the Brown Chapel African Methodist Episcopal Church, and if one didn’t know any better, based on her patterns of speech, one might think Clinton was a deep south fire and brimstone preacher.

A compilation video was put together with some of the “highlights” of her pander-rific speech to the predominately black congregation, and it simply must be seen and heard, if only as a reminder for what this nation thankfully missed out on with the 2016 election. Watch below:

Pastor Clinton

“This is the day that the Lord has made. Let us rejoice and be glad in it, oh!” said Clinton. “And then let’s get to work.”

“Reverend Green, when those bones get up, and when that spirit is breathed into them, and they start climbing out of that valley, the first place they go is to register to vote,” Clinton exclaimed.

At another point, Clinton drawled, “I mean, just think about it. Between 2012, the prior presidential election where we still had the Voting Rights Act, and 2016, when my name was on the ballot, there were fewer voters registered in Georgia than there had been those prior four years. Think about it, my friends.”

“And I know that if we, if we do our part, we can take back this country, and put it back on the path that was begun and forged here in Selma 54 years ago! God bless you, Brown Chapel!” she concluded.

There has been quite a bit of speculation that Clinton may be entertaining the idea of making yet another run at the White House in 2020, and despite her protestations to the contrary, her pandering speech certainly seemed as though it were in preparation for the campaign trail.

Regardless of whether she actually runs or merely offers her support for the eventual Democrat nominee, we likely haven’t heard the last of Clinton’s cringey and fake southern accent as she panders for the black vote in southern states.

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