Hillary Clinton says people concerned with the rule of law should vote Democrat

Hillary Clinton just looked America right in the face… and spit.

According to Hillary, anyone concerned with the rule of law should be voting for the Democrat party…

Captive Audience

One would think had Hillary made that speech in public, she would have been laughed off the stage.

Luckily, at least for Hillary, her audience was at the New York Democratic Party Convention.

Point being, she had a bunch of her fellow crooks in the audience that could truly appreciate her comments.

Hillary sounded like she was in the middle of a political rally during the presidential campaign rather than a gratuitous speaking engagement for a failed politician.

What About These Laws?

It is pretty ironic that Hillary would take this approach, though.

Hillary’s pay-to-play schemes while secretary of state are fairly well-documented by now.

We also know her “charity” is nothing more than a funnel for the Clinton family that actually does very little for charity.

And, do we really need to go into her email and server scandal?

How much evidence needs to be piled up to prove how botched and rigged that investigation was before we are able to have a real investigation into Hillary?

While we are at it, let’s talk about her husband, former President Bill Clinton, who strong-armed the Attorney General into dropping the investigation into his wife.

And that is just the Clintons!

Look no further than the recent recording for a Democrat elite trying to strong-arm another candidate to the Dems could get their guy into the general election.

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Hillary almost got it right.

“If you believe that standing up for evidence and reason and respecting the rule of law is critical to our democracy,” DON’T vote for Democrats.

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