Bill Clinton to receive freedom award

If you had to pick on ex-president that should NEVER receive an award, most people would agree on Bill Clinton.

However, the Belfast City Council would disagree, because Clinton is being honored with the Freedom of Belfast later this month.

The Award

The Freedom of Belfast is generically called the Freedom of the City Award.

Much like the Key to the City Award, it is awarded by local city councils to serve as a tribute to that individual.

Traditionally, winners were given special privileges for the award, but most of those “rights” are no longer relevant today.

In Clinton’s case, he is being given the award for his so-called role in helping to create peace in Northern Ireland and the signing of the Good Friday Agreement.

Prior to the current awarding, the Freedom of Belfast has only been awarded five other times.

Clinton’s name will now be on the same award as Sir Winston Churchill (PM of the United Kingdom), Mary Peters (Olympic Gold Medal Winner), Van Morrison (Musician), Lord Grey of Naunton (Governor of Northern Ireland), and the Royal College of Nursing (awarded on behalf of all nurses in Belfast).

No doubt, the previous award winners will be thrilled (sarcasm intended) to have Bill Clinton added to their exclusive club.

Clinton’s Role in Good Friday Agreement

Even though the Belfast Council is honoring Clinton, some would say he played very little role in the actual peace process in Northern Ireland.

More than a few accounts consider the Clinton administration nothing more than a cheerleader throughout the process.

This is more about him being in office at the time of the signing of the Good Friday Agreement, which took place in 1998, rather than actually having a real role in the process.

Even so, Democrats tout this as one of Clinton’s major foreign policy success stories.

No Vetting…

Amazingly, the Belfast Council saw fit to give this award to Clinton even though he has a slew of scandals hanging over his head.

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From Whitewater to Travelgate to the Clinton Foundation, Bill has proved the only award he is worth of is a new jail cell.

It is embarrassing and ridiculous Clinton is receiving any award, let alone something as meaningful and prestigious as the Freedom of Belfast.

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