Clinton reveals her wardrobe choice of pantsuits was the result of a ‘suggestive’ up-skirt photo during 1995 visit to Brazil

Failed 2016 Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton has long been known to almost always wear pantsuits, but until now it was never really known to anyone other than her why that was.

In a recent interview with CBS News anchor Norah O’Donnell, Clinton revealed that her seemingly limited wardrobe choices stem from an incident when she was the first lady and “suggestive” photos had been taken of her while seated and wearing a skirt, The Hill reported.

That revelation in the conversation with O’Donnell came as part of Clinton’s new docuseries with her daughter Chelsea for Apple TV+ about “Gutsy” women.

Pantsuits the result of “suggestive” up-skirt photo

Clinton recalled how it was during a state visit to Brazil in 1995 as the first lady when “I was sitting on a couch, and the press was let in. There were a bunch of them shooting up,” according to Fox News.

“All of a sudden the White House gets alerted to these billboards that show me sitting down with, I thought, my legs together,” she continued. “But the way it’s shot, it’s sort of suggestive.”

“And then I also begin to have the experience of having photographers all the time — I’d be on a stage, I’d be climbing stairs, and they’d be below me,” Clinton added. “I couldn’t deal with it, so I started wearing pants.”

Chelsea remarked that what her mother had described occurring with the up-skirt press photos was “creepy” and, according to The Hill, further revealed that she had only recently learned about what had happened that led to her mother only wearing pantsuits going forward.

Controversy over “suggestive” photo confirmed

Fox News noted that at least part of Clinton’s story was confirmed by press reports in Brazil at that time about how the American first lady had inadvertently become a star of Brazilian lingerie ads.

Indeed, billboards featuring the “suggestive” up-skirt shot of Clinton had sprung up around the South American nation following that particular incident for a particular Brazilian lingerie company.

You can watch a portion of Clinton’s interview with O’Donnell right here, courtesy of CBS News.

The Hill noted that the remainder of the interview will air on “CBS Evening News” this week as well as on O’Donnell’s own new streaming program, “Person to Person.”

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