Hillary Clinton: Staying married to Bill was ‘the gutsiest thing I’ve ever done’

Hillary Clinton and her daughter Chelsea have been making the media rounds recently to promote their new book about “Gutsy Women,” and in an interview with ABC’s Good Morning America on Tuesday, the failed presidential candidate revealed her own “gutsiest” moment.

According to Clinton, the “gutsiest” thing she’s ever done was deciding not to divorce her husband Bill after learning of his long track record of infidelity. 

Hillary Clinton’s “gutsy” moments

The Washington Free Beacon reported that Clinton’s appearance on ABC, which came amid the release of her newest work, The Book of Gutsy Women, seemed calculated and well-rehearsed.

Responding to a question from her interviewer, Clinton opined: “Ahh, boy, I think the gutsiest thing I’ve ever done — well, personally, make the decision to stay in my marriage.”

She went on: “Publicly, politically, [the gutsiest thing I did was] run for president, and keep going. Just get up every day and keep going.”

It all comes down to her political aspirations

But as Andrew Stiles of the Free Beacon wrote, Clinton’s message felt hollow and meaningless.

Indeed, given what we know of Clinton’s seemingly unquenchable political ambitions, it was hardly a “gutsy” decision for her to remain married to the then-president when he was clearly the key to her future political career, which included a stint in the Senate representing New York as well as a tenure as secretary of State during the Barack Obama administration.

As for Clinton’s two failed runs for the presidency being gutsy, it is worth noting that her first attempt sought to prevent the first black man from being elected president, while her second attempt was more of an expected coronation-in-waiting than a true campaign for the White House.

With respect to it being “gutsy” for her to “just get up and keep going” every day, well, we can’t really argue with her there. Truth be told, it is somewhat surprising that she still makes so many public appearances, given the utterly humiliating manner in which she lost the 2016 election to President Donald Trump.

In reality, a truly “gutsy” move by Clinton would have been to abandon her political ambitions and get divorced from her adulterous husband, rather than stick around and grant tacit approval to his philandering ways, which is what she did — safe in the knowledge that remaining by his side would prove invaluable in aiding her political aspirations.

But it’s highly unlikely that anyone in the media will ever call her out on that, as they’d prefer to continue to curry favor — or at least not risk the wrath — of someone who still ludicrously considers herself to be entitled political royalty in this nation.

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