Bill and Hillary Clinton mark wedding anniversary with fawning tweets

Failed Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton has recently been making the media rounds to promote her new book, “The Book of Gutsy Women,” co-authored with her daughter Chelsea Clinton.

In the process, questions have repeatedly been raised about her own “gutsiness” in staying married to her husband, former President Bill Clinton, in light of his serial marital infidelities — both confirmed and alleged — over the years. Perhaps in a bid to put those questions to rest, both Hillary and Bill took to social media to post pictures of the two of them happily together to mark the occasion of their 44th wedding anniversary.

Bill and Hillary celebrate anniversary

Hillary Clinton was the first to mark the occasion by posting a recent picture to Twitter of the pair dressed up and appearing on a red carpet.

Her caption included a mildly flirtatious compliment on her husband’s appearance and well wishes on the occasion.

In a reply to that tweet, Bill Clinton posted what appeared to be an image from his and Hillary’s wedding day and expressed the admiration he felt for his wife then and apparently still feels now.

“Gutsy” decision

Breitbart reported that Hillary Clinton has been asked in several recent interviews to describe the “gutsiest” decision she’s ever had to make during her life.

Given that she has served as the first lady of Arkansas and of the United States and also served in the Senate and as secretary of State, one would think she would have a wide variety of gritty, courageous moments from which to choose.

However, without fail she has consistently noted that choosing to stay married to her husband after his adulterous affairs were made public was her “gutsiest” decision ever.

What would really take guts…

That said, Clinton could soon be facing a decision in the near future that would require a healthier measure of “guts” than ever before.

She may soon need to determine whether she should challenge President Donald Trump for the White House after having been so resoundingly defeated by him in the 2016 election.

While it seems unlikely that she will indeed move ahead and throw her hat into the ring, anything is possible these days.

Given Clinton’s current promotional book tour, speaking engagements and apparent inability to fade away from the political scene, the prospect can’t be summarily dismissed.

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