Hillary Clinton jumps into election fray, calls Trump ‘Putin’s Puppet’

Hillary Clinton just can’t keep her nose out of the 2020 election.

The former secretary of State announced that she believes that President Trump is “Putin’s Puppet” and claimed that Trump “can’t win” without Russian help. 

Conveniently, such a belief allows her to absolve herself of the blame for her own failures in 2016, proving once again that she is the worst loser in American history.

The same tired old narrative

Clinton has been using the same playbook for the last four years. In her tweet she claimed, “Putin’s Puppet is at it again, taking Russian help for himself. He knows he can’t win without it. And we can’t let it happen.”

The former first lady so far hasn’t commented on another recent bombshell that Russia is reportedly assisting Democrat front runner Bernie Sanders’ campaign.

Establishment Democrats haven’t been able to let the tired Russian collusion narrative go despite the lengthy investigation that showed the whole thing was a hoax.

Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer (D-NY) also jumped on the bandwagon, attacking Republicans in a tweet that said, “They’d rather let Putin win than stand up to President Trump.”

Americans grew tired of the Russian hysteria long ago, and this will not be a winning strategy for the Democratic Party, especially since far-left darling Sanders has been dragged into it as well.

Divisive tactics

What is undeniable is that Russia intends to sow division in the United States. Democrats are helping them reach new levels of success in their efforts, although they seem blissfully unaware of — or willfully blind to —  their contribution to the problem.

The ideological split that has always existed in America is front and center thanks to hyperbolic rhetoric espoused by Democrats who are intent on taking down both Trump and any other Democrat that refuses to fall in line with their own agenda.

Hillary Clinton once accused moderate Democrat Presidential candidate Tulsi Gabbard of being a “Russian asset.”

Maybe Clinton herself has been the “Russian asset” the whole time.

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