Hillary Clinton implies Bernie Sanders acted as a Russian asset in 2016

Failed Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton has steadfastly demurred from settling speculation that she may make a late entry into the 2020 race — and those rumors are constantly fueled by her incessantly offering her two-cents about current events or reflecting on how she was “cheated” out of a 2016 victory.

That happened again this past week during a lengthy radio interview with Howard Stern in which Clinton at one point seemed to imply that Democrat 2020 candidate and Sen. Bernie Sanders (VT) — her primary rival in 2016 — essentially served as a Russian asset in much the same way she accused President Donald Trump of having done, Townhall reported.

Russian assets everywhere

Clinton has long cited alleged Russian interference as one of the primary reasons, among many, for her disappointing loss to Trump in 2016 — and it is a claim she has simply refused to abandon over the past three years.

In October, the failed candidate seemingly accused Rep. Tulsi Gabbard (D-HI) — currently in the running for her party’s nomination — of being “groomed” by the Russians as a disruptive third-party candidate, and she reiterated her past assertion that Green Party candidate Jill Stein had played a similar Russian-backed role in the 2016 election, according to The Hill.

Now, she appears to be suggesting that the Russians, aside from just backing Trump to defeat Clinton, also supported Sanders in 2016. She also intimated that the same thing could happen again this time around.

“He hurt me”

RealClearPolitics reported that Clinton, in reference to Robert Mueller’s report on alleged Russian electoral interference in 2016, said: “If you read the indictments, basically they were like, ‘Hey, let’s do everything we can to elect Donald Trump.’ Those are quotes, words — and they also said Bernie Sanders, but that’s for another day.”

Asked by Stern if she hated Sanders, Clinton said she did not harbor that sort of animosity.

Stern noted that Sanders could have more quickly endorsed her after he dropped out, to which Clinton replied: “He could have. He hurt me. There is no doubt about it, he hurt me.”

Clinton was also asked by Stern if she had spoken to Sanders about that — she said she hadn’t — and if she was still “upset” with him about it. Clinton replied: “No, disappointed. Disappointed. And I hope he doesn’t do it again to whoever gets the nomination. Once is enough. We have to join forces.” Watch below:

Will she jump in?

As Townhall noted, if Clinton truly does want all Democrats to “join forces” in order to defeat Trump and win the 2020 election, accusing fellow Democrats and leftists of being “Russian assets” that contributed to her own embarrassing loss isn’t exactly the best way to go about doing so.

It remains unclear if Clinton will ultimately do more than stick a toe in the 2020 waters and actually make another run at the White House. It is obvious, however, that at the very least, Clinton will be part of the chattering class on the sidelines offering her opinion and taking potshots at whomever she feels has in some way done her wrong.

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