Hillary Clinton urges Americans to ignore Trump’s advice on coronavirus

Failed Democratic presidential hopeful and former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton hasn’t slowed in her criticism of President Donald Trump since 2016 — and even in the midst of a global pandemic, she isn’t changing her tune.

Amid the coronavirus crisis that is now sweeping the nation, Clinton couldn’t help but to urge the American people to not listen to the president’s advice, The Hill reported.

Taking shots over Twitter

On Tuesday, Clinton tweeted to her 27.1 million Twitter followers:

Her quip about looking directly at a solar eclipse was in reference to a moment in 2017 during an eclipse when President Trump briefly removed his special protective glasses while glancing upward during an event at the White House.

That moment has been memorialized with amusing video clips, GIFs, and memes that have been spread far and wide on social media ever since.

It doesn’t stop there

Much more important than her attempt at humor is the fact that Clinton essentially told the American people not to listen to any medical advice offered up by the president — ignoring that his advice is informed by the doctors, experts, and scientists who make up his coronavirus task force.

The likely impetus behind Clinton undermining the president was the manufactured media freak-out over the weekend regarding President Trump’s expressed optimism about the promise offered by a combination of an anti-malarial drug and antibiotic that could potentially be used to treat COVID-19.

The media claimed that Trump had placed people in danger by recommending they use a drug combination that hadn’t been officially approved by federal agencies for that particular purpose — even as the drugs have been used safely for decades for other purposes and have been used in other countries to successfully treat the coronavirus.

The media fear-mongering reached new heights early in the week amid reports that a man in Arizona had died and his wife fell critically ill after they ingested a fish tank-cleaning chemical that bore a similar name to one of the drugs touted by Trump.

She’s not helping

At the end of the day, far more dangerous for the American people than taking a quick unprotected glance at a solar eclipse is a sore loser deliberately attempting to sabotage the very necessary level of trust that is needed between a leader and his country during a public health crisis.

Hillary Clinton should stop and consider for a moment how she would feel if the roles were reversed in this situation — but that would take a level of humility and introspection that she so obviously lacks.

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