Clinton Foundation under investigation for potential misuse of funds

Republicans are looking to take advantage of a scathing whistleblower report against the Clinton Foundation while they still have the majority in Congress.

U.S. Attorney John Huber was tasked with investigating the foundation more than a year ago, but a bombshell new report from MDA Analytics points to serious financial irregularities within the Clinton Foundation that weren’t previously publicized.

The Report

MDA Analytics is a private firm that was organized to investigate the Clinton Foundation and other financial irregularities of the Clintons.

If the report finds wrongdoings by the Clintons and the government is able to recover back taxes and other penalties, the organization will get a reward for bringing the information to light.

While we have heard little from Huber on this investigation to this point, the new report has apparently rejuvenated the investigation.

Huber has reportedly asked for the report and any supporting documentation for his own investigation.

Included in the report are conversations with the CFO of the Clinton Foundation, Andrew Kessel.

If the report is accurate, his words are far more damaging than anyone could have ever hoped.

The investigator claims Kessel flat-out admitted that Bill Clinton’s spending habits are “out of control.”

He further stated that the former president regularly mixes up his personal spending with foundation business, commingling the finances.

Reports Hurting Foundation

During the 2016 presidential election, the Clinton Foundation received much scrutiny.

It was then that people first found out about the allegations of the alleged quid-pro-quo habits of the foundation.

Since then, donations have been reduced significantly.

The most recent reports have shown a drop of more than 50 percent in donations.

With Hillary Clinton’s level of public support already at an all-time low, the allegations against the foundation have created more doubt as to what their donations are being used for.

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The foundation has tried to explain it away, maintaining that the drop is “largely attributable to the absence of sponsorship and membership contributions for [the Clinton Global initiative].”

Nobody on the right is buying that, however, as reports like this one have portrayed a charity that is nothing more than cash funnel for two of the most corrupt politicians our country has ever seen.

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