Clinton Foundation CFO turns informant, spills all

A major player in the Clinton machine may have inadvertently put the Clintons in some very serious legal trouble.

Andrew Kessel, who serves as the CFO of the Clinton Foundation, allegedly told an investigative firm of serious wrongdoings by the Clintons — specifically, Bill.


Kessel reportedly sat down with someone he thought was nothing more than a former associate looking to do business with the Clinton Foundation.

That individual, though, was actually working for MDA Analytics, a firm that had been created with the sole purpose of finding financial irregularities within the workings of the Clinton Foundation.

During their meeting, Kessel allegedly said: “I know where all the bodies are buried in this place.”

Kessel also alluded to the fact that Bill Clinton was regularly mixing personal spending with foundation spending.

According to the investigation, he said Clinton was out of control and nothing could be done to stop his incessant spending habits.

All Coming Together

During an earlier internal investigation, some of these problems were also found.

Private investigations were conducted by the foundation itself from 2008 to 2011.

Documents from this investigation and subsequent meetings also tell a tale of an organization that is poorly managed and active in “illegal activities.”

One of the reports actually discussed quid-pro-quo practices.

This would confirm much of the speculation Hillary Clinton granted White House access to individuals and companies who were ponying up huge donations to her family’s foundation.

Laying the groundwork

In finding all of this, MDA Analytics has done a lot of the groundwork for Congress and has laid out an investigative path for them to pursue if they so choose to probe the Clinton Foundation.

The group is hoping to get its payday by the reward attached if the foundation is found to owe the government back taxes and penalties.

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While there is little doubt the Senate will call for further investigation, it will be very interesting to see how a Democrat House reacts to this information.

As much as they have jumped all over the Trump investigation, it would be hypocritical of them not to probe this further.

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