Report: Clinton Foundation caught misleading the IRS

Once again, the Clinton Foundation is in the headlines for all the wrong reasons.

A new report has surfaced that alleges that the Clinton Foundation may have misled the IRS.

Not Conspiracy Theory

According to the Clintons, they have never done anything wrong.

But actual legal documents and their own internal investigation tell a different story.

Reports are burning up the internet right now alleging that the Clinton Foundation was missing information on its 2004 federal tax returns.

The omitted information was found during standard licensing applications for Utah.

According to reports, it was recommended that the foundation amend the tax return to further explain some shady consulting feels that were listed on the Clinton Foundation’s 990 form.

But rather than amend the forms as requested, the Clinton Foundation decided to close up shop in Utah.

The Clinton Foundation said the costs of amending the returns were too excessive, so they decided to pull their application and forego soliciting in Utah instead.

But with hundreds of thousands of dollars at stake — possibly more — does that sound like something a charity operating above board would actually do?

Internal Investigations

After an independent organization called MDA Analytics investigated the Clinton Foundation, all sorts of information started to leak out about the shadiness of the alleged charity.

Among the leaked info were two separate internal investigations conducted by the foundation to examine its records.

At least one of these was ordered by Chelsea Clinton, who suspected that bookkeeping practices were loose at best.

These investigations found quid pro quo promises being made to donors and some careless spending by none other than Bill Clinton.

In fact, if the reports are true, Bill was regularly using the foundation’s funds as his personal expense account.

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Funny how the incoming New York attorney general is about to rip apart the life of President Trump — specifically stating she will tear apart his life and every aspect of it until she finds something illegal she can indict him for — all the while, the Clinton Foundation is going strong.

What gives?

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