Former lawyer Hillary Clinton overwhelmingly defeated in legal quiz by law student Kim Kardashian

To hear her acolytes in the media describe her, failed 2016 Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton is among the most intelligent women in all of human history and is a veritable font of knowledge, particularly on matters pertaining to the law and legal issues.

Thus, it was likely somewhat embarrassing for Clinton and her devotees when it was revealed that the formerly licensed lawyer was decisively defeated 11-4 in a legal quiz by reality TV star and social media influencer Kim Kardashian, Fox News reported.

For what it is worth, Clinton, a Yale Law School graduate, hasn’t actually practiced law in decades, while Kardashian, who has focused her attention in recent years on criminal justice reform issues, passed the so-called “baby bar exam” in 2021 after completing a year of apprenticeship at a California law firm.

Clinton vs. Kardashian

People Magazine reported that the legal quiz matchup between Clinton and Kardashian was part of an episode of a soon-to-premiere documentary series on Apple TV+ called “Gutsy” that stars Hillary and Chelsea Clinton and is based on their joint 2019 “Book of Gutsy Women.”

“After a round of questions on the use of deadly force, the difference between extortion and robbery, and when a claim of self-defense is permissible, Kim soundly beat Hillary, 11-4,” the outlet noted.

“I think Kim has an unfair advantage,” the elder Clinton joked, to which her daughter, who served as the quizmaster, replied in her mother’s defense, “Kim has studied more recently than you.”

“Heartbreaking” loss for Clinton blamed on slow “reaction time”

After being thoroughly trounced in the legal quiz, Clinton revealed to People that the loss had been “heartbreaking,” but nonetheless praised the victor for her knowledge and broader efforts to help address injustice in the nation’s justice system.

“She worked so hard (on the bar) and persevered,” Clinton said of Kardashian. “We didn’t interview her about fashion … her many lines of commerce … her personal life. We interviewed about what she was doing to help get people who were unjustly or unfairly incarcerated have a second chance.”

There were some excuses made, however, as Chelsea quipped of her mother, “I think she just needs to work on her reaction time,” and further elaborated, “Sometimes, I could see my mom knew what the answer was, but she wouldn’t hit the buzzer in time.”

The elder Clinton ultimately agreed that her “reaction time” with the buzzer was largely to blame and insisted that she had not deliberately allowed Kardashian to win, even as she admitted, “I was really intrigued by how well she did. I wanted to put the spotlight on her — not that she needs it — but she worked really hard to get that.”

The Apple TV+ documentary series featuring the elder and younger Clintons “celebrating brave and bold women” is set to debut on September 9 and will include eight episodes focused on different influential women.

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