Hillary Clinton-based show to appear soon on Netflix

The online streaming service Netflix has never been afraid to dip its toes into the political world.

So, it makes perfect sense that Netflix has ordered up a show that will be based on the failed presidential runs of Hillary Clinton.

The Non-Hero Hero

How Hillary Clinton was able to obtain her hero status in this country is baffling. As Arkansas’ First Lady, Hillary cleaned up behind Bill Clinton, often threatening Bill’s detractors into silence. She played the role of Bill’s muscle perhaps more than she did the loving wife.

When Bill Clinton became president, Hillary continued to protect her husband at all costs. She never achieved the status of Nancy Reagan, Michelle Obama or Melania Trump, though.

The Democrat party wanted people to love her like that, but she was not that type of person.

After Bill’s time in office was over, it was Hillary’s time to play politician and that hard-nosed attitude continued — as did some epic failures as both a senator and secretary of state during the Obama administration.

While Hillary became the darling of the Democratic party, Americans simply did not like or trust her, which is why it is still so baffling the Democrats chose Hillary to be the first serious female candidate to seek the presidency.

Hillary-Based Show

While the new Netflix series will not be directly portraying Hillary Clinton, there is little doubt it will be using her failed campaigns as its inspiration.

The working title of the show is reportedly “Girls on the Bus,” which is the female version of a book called “The Boys on the Bus,” which covered the 1972 presidential campaign.

The writer and executive producer of the series is Amy Chozik, who will be working with Julie Plec. Chozick is the New York Times journalist who covered Hillary Clinton during her 2008 and 2016 failed campaigns.

That being the case, it is a safe bet that one of the main candidates running for office in the series will be strongly based on Hillary Clinton. The series itself centers on a single chapter of Chozick’s book, “Chasing Hillary.”

Considering how much the New York Times despises Donald Trump, it will probably be more interesting to see how the series portrays the candidate that actually wins the race rather than the woman that has twice failed to win the big prize.

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