Cleveland reporter found dead in trailer

A reporter in the Cleveland died under “suspicious” circumstances this week.

Nikki Delamotte, who covered the local culture scene for, was found dead in her uncle’s trailer with multiple gunshot wounds.

The Scene

Delamotte had apparently planned to spend some time with her uncle, Robert J. Delamotte, who she had only recently gotten in touch with.

When she did not return home, her boyfriend called her mother to try to find out where she was.

After the call, the mother called local hospitals and authorities to see if she could find her daughter.

Eventually, she was able to secure Robert Delamotte’s address and drove there to check on her daughter.

When she arrived, she saw her daughter’s car in the driveway, but it was not good news.

JoAnne Ullman, Delamotte’s mother, stated, “When we pulled up, her car was there with her phone and wallet inside.”

“I banged on the door and every window of the trailer with no response and then called the police again,” she added.

When police arrived and entered the trailer, they found both Delamotte and her uncle dead.

Robert Delamotte had a single gunshot wound to the head, while Nikki Delamotte suffered multiple gunshots, according to authorities.

Rising Star

Delamotte was a rising star on the local scene, according to her friends and colleagues.

She was also well-respected by her peers in the industry.

Troy Smith, an entertainment writer for, stated, “Nikki was a rock star, only she didn’t know it.”

He added, “Or, maybe more accurate, she would never admit it.”

That sentiment was repeated over and over again as word of her death started to circulate around the area.

The outpouring of support for Nikki Delamotte and her family on social media was amazing.

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The investigation is ongoing.

However, local police have already stated they do not think her death had anything at all to do with the fact that she was a journalist.

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