Justice Clarence Thomas issues blistering dissent after SCOTUS declines cases related to 2020 election

Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas rocked the nation with a dissenting opinion blasting his fellow justices for declining on Monday to hear any cases related to voter fraud in the 2020 election, Breitbart reported.

In a dissenting opinion, Thomas wrote, “Our fellow citizens deserve better and expect more of us.”

Thomas was joined by Justices Gorsuch and Alito and all three of them wrote dissenting opinions following the votes. Thanks to the Supreme Court, the questions about our election security will not be answered and faith in our systems will continue to deteriorate.

Election security in question

Thomas began his dissent by saying, “The Constitution gives to each state legislature authority to determine the ‘Manner’ of federal elections. Yet both before and after the 2020 election, nonlegislative officials in various States took it upon themselves to set the rules instead. As a result, we received an unusually high number of petitions and emergency applications contesting those changes. The petitions here present a clear example.”

The justice explained that it’s absolutely necessary for the Supreme Court to address issues that emerged in the 2020 election, as the refusal to do so leaves the door open for election confusion in the future.

“These cases provide us with an ideal opportunity to address just what authority nonlegislative officials have to set election rules, and to do so well before the next election cycle. The refusal to do so is inexplicable,” he wrote.

Justices Brett Kavanaugh and Amy Coney Barrett chose to reject reviewing lower court decisions and their reasoning is unclear. If just one of them had joined with Thomas, Gorsuch, and Alito, the Supreme Court would be reviewing key cases.

Thomas continued, “Changing the rules in the middle of the game is bad enough. Such rule changes by officials who may lack authority to do so is even worse. When those changes alter election results, they can severely damage the electoral system on which our self-governance so heavily depends.”

Supreme Court failing

The Supreme Court’s failure to address issues that occurred during the election is not reassuring for Americans hoping that the Supreme Court will hold Democrats accountable.

Democrats hold power in both the legislative and executive branches and it is critical that the judicial branch be vigilant in ensuring that the Constitution is not violated. So far, the Court has been anything but vigilant.

Until the Supreme Court is ready to tackle the issues that came up in the 2020 election, there is no reason for Americans to trust our system.

Thomas concluded his dissent, writing, “We failed to settle this dispute before the election, and thus provide clear rules. Now we again fail to provide clear rules for future elections. The decision to leave election law hidden beneath a shroud of doubt is baffling. By doing nothing, we invite further confusion and erosion of voter confidence. Our fellow citizens deserve better and expect more of us. I respectfully dissent.”

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