Legal expert: Clapper has a ‘serious problem’ if he leaked info to CNN

James Clapper’s own words could very possibly land him in a boatload of trouble.

Legal expert Jonathan Turley examined Clapper’s congressional testimony and now thinks Clapper could have a very “serious problem” legally for his testimony.

Lies, Lies, and More Lies

During testimony before the House Intelligence Committee, James Clapper seemed to make a few mistakes.

At first, he said he never revealed any information to the media regarding the Trump dossier.

Later, he testified that he discussed the dossier with CNN journalist Jake Tapper.

He also stated that he may have discussed the information with other journalists.

At the time of the “reveal” to Tapper and possibly other journalists, Clapper was serving as the Director of National Intelligence for the Obama administration.

Big Trouble

There are two very significant problems for Clapper based solely on his testimony.

First, he lied under oath.

His own admission makes his first statement about not discussing the information with anyone a lie.

Second, the information Clapper revealed was more than likely classified.

Considering his position, he could come under not only perjury charges, but also espionage charges.

A Clear Agenda

Turley made another point… everyone seems to be ignoring the conduct of both Clapper and Comey both during their time in office and afterwards.

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Their attacks against Trump are a problem specifically because of the massive amounts of leaks that were coming out of Washington during the election and after Trump won.

It is very clear these two Obama flunkies had an agenda against Trump and both very likely broke the law in the process.

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