James Clapper admits Trump was spied on – says it was a good thing

Spying allegations against the Trump team during the election are running rampant.

Amazingly, former Director of National Intelligence James Clapper says that spying on the Trump team was “a good thing.”

Bigger Than Watergate

When news broke of the FBI having at least one inside person in the Trump campaign broke this week, Trump was furious.

The President said it could possibly wind up being a bigger scandal than Watergate.

If these allegations are true, Trump would be 100 percent correct.


While it is bad enough the FBI was spying on a presidential candidate, Clapper agreeing with it is more than a bit upsetting.

As the former Director of National Intelligence, Clapper should have been outraged by this.

Instead, he seemed to almost endorse this type of behavior by the FBI…


Clapper tried to use the rumors of Russian involvement as a justification for the spying.

Mr. Clapper stated, “…the Russians pose a threat to the very basis of our political system.”

However, we all now know the source of those rumors have been unsubstantiated.

Furthermore, there were more links to Hillary and the Russians than there ever were for Trump.

If the FBI felt the need to spy on Trump, why not also spy on the Hillary Clinton campaign?

After all, wasn’t she the one with documented pay-to-play with the Russians as well as some Middle Eastern leaders?

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Had there been any spying on Hillary, we all know the outrage the media would have had.

Now, though, they are celebrating the fact Trump’s privacy has been violated.

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