'Civilizational collapse': Elon Musk sounds alarm on world government

February 18, 2023
World Net Daily

This story was originally published by the WND News Center.

Tesla founder and Twitter owner Elon Musk like things big. Just look at his personally funded space program, the car company, and the $44 billion purchase of the social-media site.

But he's taken the opportunity of an appearance before the "World Government Summit" to warn against having, well, a world government.

"I know this is called the World Government Summit," he said, However, "I think we should be a little bit concerned by actually becoming too much of a single world government."

He continued, "We want to avoid creating a civilizational risk by having frankly, this may sound a little odd, too much cooperation between governments."

He pointed out that throughout history civilizations have risen and fallen, but because they have had a level of separation, "it hasn't meant the doom of humanity as a whole."

According to a report at the Caldron Pool, his address was to "10,000 international government officials, thought leaders, global experts, and decision-makers" at the 2023 event in Dubai.

"We want to have some amount of civilizational diversity such that if something does go wrong with some part of civilization the whole thing doesn’t collapse," he said.

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