Russian, Syrian airstrike on civilian area in Idlib province leaves at least 33 dead

The sickening attacks in Idlib continue against innocent civilians.

On Monday, reports estimated at least 33 people were killed and more than 100 wounded during the most recent Russian/Syrian airstrike on a civilian area.

No Discretion

Civilian sites should be off-limits during times of war. The United States has regularly conducted airstrikes but does so with absolute precision to avoid taking out innocents.

Rather than concentrate on enemy forces, the Russians and Syrians, however, just indiscriminately attack rebel-held areas, regardless of the collateral damage.

The latest attack was conducted at the center of Maarat al-Numan. This is a highly residential area that also has hospitals and schools in the local area.

The reports coming in after the bombing were horrific, with people being buried under rubble and apartment buildings burning.

Moscow Frustrated

Even though Russian and Syrian forces are believed to have superior numbers and weapons, the attacks are doing little to rid the province or rebel forces.

Many are believed to have entrenched themselves in the civilian population for protection. That is actually the cover the Russians and Syrians are using for the bombing of these civilian areas. While all this is going on, more and more civilians are being displaced.

One Turkish official stated, “We say to Assad and his friends that their obvious attempts to obliterate civilian life have failed this far and will fail again.

“They have lost in Idlib, and will continue to lose. They cannot bomb their way into victory. Only infamy.”

If these bombings continue, it is only a matter of time before the U.N steps in to demand action.

These two countries simply cannot be allowed to continue to murder dozens of innocents with these air attacks, regardless of their stated purpose.

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