CIA exposed: Undercover video confirms Trump was kept in dark

 May 1, 2024

This story was originally published by the WND News Center.

A project manager reportedly working in Cyber Operations for the CIA, also an NSA contractor trusted with top-secret information, has confessed that multiple federal intelligence agencies withheld information from Donald Trump when he was president.

The words from Amjad Fseisi come in an undercover interview operation by James O'Keefe and his O'Keefe Media Group.

A report at The Liberty Daily says Fseisi claimed participating in the secrets were those including ex-CIA chiefs Gina Hapsel and Mike Pompeo, "because they believed he was a Russian asset who would leak sensitive information."

Fseisi also charged the agencies used FISA to spy on Trump.

"He is an absolute idiot. He's a moron. He has no idea," Fseisi says in the video.

According to the report, "The footage supports earlier reports by investigative journalists that the American intelligence community ran an illegal spy operation against Trump’s 2016 campaign, which led to the FBI’s 'Crossfire Hurricane' probe and Robert Mueller’s investigation into Russian collusion."

That ended because investigators found no evidence to support the wild claims orchestrated by Democrats, including Hillary Clinton, that Trump's campaign was colluding with Russia. In fact, some of the sources of allegations against Trump were, in fact, Russian.

The report said, "Fseisi could face legal consequences for violating internal agency provisions and federal laws if his statements are proven true," but he later denied making the statements.

The report (Beware of highly offensive language that is included):

O'Keefe explained Fseisi was caught "implicating the highest levels of the intelligence agencies" in the actions.

Fseisi said the agenda came from the "highest levels," including Haspel … "And I believe Mike Pompeo did the same thing too."

Fseisi claimed Trump would be given an "overview," but no details.

He suggested the spying on Trump also continues, explaining, "We monitor everything. We also have people that monitor his ex-wife. …"

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