MSNBC’s Chuck Todd loses his cool after Republican senator attacks the press

The battle between Republican allies of President Donald Trump and the mainstream media was put on full display over the weekend as MSNBC’s Chuck Todd and GOP Sen. Ron Johnson (R-WI) entered a heated argument on live television.

Todd lost his cool after Johnson took several shots at the mainstream media, particularly for the media’s complete denial that any voter fraud occurred in the 2020 election, the Washington Examiner reported.

What did Todd say?

During Meet The Press on Sunday, Todd lost control of his emotions as the calm and collected Wisconsin senator leveled several blows against Todd and his colleagues in the anti-Trump press.

Johnson accused Todd of destroying “the credibility of the news media by your bias,” while pointing out that the “fire was started when you completely ignored, for example, our investigation of Hunter Biden.”

That’s when the host went completely off the rails, shouting, “Senator. All right, I’ve had enough of hearing this!”

“Why didn’t you hold hearings about the 9/11 truthers? There’s plenty of people who thought 9/11 was an inside job,” Todd asked mockingly. “How about the Moon landing? Are you going to hold hearings on that?”

Johnson pulled no punches

Johnson insisted on the importance of investigating an election in which millions of Americans still believe was — at some level — rigged in favor of former Vice President Joe Biden.

“We’ve got tens of millions of Americans that think this election was stolen. We need to get the bottom of it. Again, what’s explained, we need to explain it, get that off the table. We also have to acknowledge there were some real problems here. There’s some issues that need to be explored and investigated,” Johnson said.

After telling Johnson that he needs to “look in the mirror” to determine why so many Americans believe the election was stolen, Johnson shot back at the NBC host, saying, “Well, Chuck, you need to look at your mirror because you carried the Democrats’ water on the whole Russian collusion with the Trump campaign hoax.”

The interview ended somewhat abruptly after the fiery exchange, with many accusing Todd of acting especially smug and sanctimonious in his interview with a sitting senator, simply because he disagreed with what the Republican senator was saying.

Even with Trump most likely on his way out of the White House, the war between conservatives and the left-leaning mainstream media is anywhere near over and might even intensify over the coming months and years.

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