Chuck Schumer plays right into Trump’s hand

Sen. Chuck Schumer (D-NY) thought he was being funny throwing a barb at President Trump after Mexico caved on the tariffs, but he ended up admitting something he has been denying for months.

Schumer, in an ill-advised tweet, accidentally confessed that there is indeed an immigration crisis in this country.

Mexico Caves, Schumer Confesses

News broke on Friday that Mexico had caved to Trump’s threat of tariffs.

Leadership had already sent a team to negotiate with Trump earlier in the week when the tariffs were announced, but that was about all the information we had been given until that point.

The tariffs themselves were met with bipartisan resistance after Trump announced them. However, Trump was well within his rights to override Congress and implement them regardless of how Congress felt about it.

Schumer was clearly pretty pleased with himself after sending the tweet, but his acknowledgment of the border crisis was not missed by conservatives online. There were hundreds of tweets pointing out the fact that Schumer admitted we did actually have a border security issue.

Media Portrayal

One of the more interesting tweets about the tariffs was sent out by Sen. Marco Rubio (R-FL).

Marco Rubio correctly predicted the media would be challenged in presenting the story in a positive way. Last month, a study was done showing that the mainstream media presented the administration in a negative way 92% of the time.

The media did not disappoint on this story either, with virtually every mainstream media outlet finding a way to flip the narrative and attack Trump.

One of the best twists of the narrative was by CNN Tonight, who actually portrayed the deal as a complete failure for Trump:

Thankfully, regardless of what Schumer and mainstream media outlets say, most Americans realize this was a HUGE win for Trump.

Not only was it a win, but it also took one of the Democrats biggest bargaining chips out of their hands in the process in that they will no longer be able to use the issue of border security to negotiate the future of the illegals currently in this country.

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