Chuck Schumer demands resignation of Trump official who he isn’t even in the role yet

With the Russian collusion narrative now all but dead and buried, the left’s latest avenue for attack against President Donald Trump is on the immigration front. They’ve called temporary migrant detention facilities at the border “concentration camps” and likened agents of the Immigration and Customs Enforcement agency (ICE) and Customs and Border Protection (CBP) to Nazi-esque stormtroopers.

But, as has become routine over the past few years, Democrats have gotten out ahead of themselves in their highly partisan attacks against the president and those who work for him — so much so that Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer just demanded the resignation of an official from a job he doesn’t even officially hold yet.

Schumer calls the shots

A press release from Senate Democrat leadership — namely, Schumer — detailed a Department of Homeland Security (DHS) inspector general’s report on stretched resources and substandard conditions in some migrant detention facilities, as well as separate reports of a Facebook group frequented by some current and former border and immigration officials who’d made offensive and unpleasant remarks about both migrants and Democrats.

“The Inspector General’s report and details of a secret border patrol workers’ Facebook group paint a picture of a toxic culture at U.S. Customs and Border Protection that can only begin to be changed by immediately firing and replacing top leadership at the agency with law enforcement professionals who have training and expertise in working with vulnerable populations,” Schumer said in the release.

He added: “Internal investigations aren’t enough because the leadership at CBP, particularly Acting Commissioner Mark Morgan, are too callous about the way in which children and their families are treated, which is why we need untainted professionals to be brought in from outside the CBP structure immediately.”

Mistaken identity

But there’s one problem with Schumer’s statement: according to The Daily Caller, Mark Morgan isn’t the acting commissioner of the Customs and Border Protection agency — at least not yet.

Morgan, who’d previously been a top (and disgruntled) border and immigration enforcement official during former President Barack Obama’s administration, joined the Trump administration in May as the acting director of ICE.

He was recently tapped by Trump to become the next acting commissioner of CBP, but that transition has yet to occur. As of right now, Morgan still heads ICE while CBP remains under the guidance of outgoing acting commissioner John Sanders, who is set to resign that position soon.

Thus, in his haste to attack Trump and his administration, Schumer has essentially called for the resignation of an official who isn’t even in that job.

Schumer’s office declined to comment when pressed by The Daily Caller on the obvious mistake.

Where will Dems turn next?

President Trump and CBP officials have been warning for months about the ongoing and growing crisis at the border, but Democrats like Schumer studiously dismissed those warnings until only a week or two ago.

Now, Democrats are furiously chomping at the bit to address the issue they have ignored for months — if not years — but have shown once again how out of touch with the issue they truly are by making baseless accusations while calling for the resignation of officials who aren’t even actually serving yet.

What a mess.

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