Chuck Grassley responds to Kavanaugh accuser: These demands are ‘non-starters’

A list of demands were sent to the Senate Judiciary Committee by Brett Kavanaugh accuser Christine Blasey Ford’s attorneys, but they are probably not going to like what Chairman Chuck Grassley (R-IA) has to say.

From Ford’s initial list of demands, several of them were deemed “non-starters” by Grassley and his committee. 

Ford and her legal team are now amid negotiations with the committee in hopes of finding terms both sides can agree on.

Can’t Dictate the Terms

Ford and her attorneys were trying to twist the system to suit their needs, but that is not how things work in Washington.

Rather than just appearing before the Senate committee to tell her side of the story, Ford’s attorneys put together a list of demands, including that Kavanaugh would need to testify first and that he could not be present during her testimony.

Ford’s attorneys also wanted to subpoena Mark Judge, a witness Ford alleges was also present at the time of the assault 36 years ago, to testify.

They also requested that there be no questions from outside counsel and, of course, wanted to guarantee Ford’s safety.

Committee Response

Not long after Ford’s legal team’s list was published, Grassley addressed the demands.

Kavanaugh is constitutionally allowed to be present and face his accuser.

Secondly, as the accused, Kavanaugh in entitled to respond to Ford’s accusations.

Grassley was also adamant that witnesses do not dictate who the committee subpoenas.

He did not want to set a terrible precedent for the future.

Of course, everyone wants her to be transported safely, but the drama around this is just getting out of hand.

While there has been no official announcement, as of this writing, most believe the hearing will happen on Wednesday or Thursday — and the bulk of Ford’s other demands are being dismissed.

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But they are not being dismissed because Grassley is being difficult but, rather, because they are not the norm for legal proceedings such as this.

Hopefully, everything is settled this week and the Kavanaugh vote does not continue to get pushed back past midterm elections.

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