Christopher Steele gets sued by Trump over false claims in 'Dossier'

September 29, 2023
World Net Daily

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It was that famous "Steele dossier," an assembly of fictional narratives making wild claims about then-presidential candidate Donald Trump, that created so much trouble for America.

Democrats used it for years to try to undermine Trump's presidency, and taxpayers paid tens of millions of dollars for an investigation that documented its claims were not true.

Even the author, an ex-British intel agent named Christopher Steele, couldn't provide verification of his claims even when he was offered $1 million to do so.

Now it's coming back on him.

President Trump has sued him for the vast damages it caused.

report in the Post-Millennial explained Trump has sued Steele and the company Steele founded, Orbis Business Intelligence, charging that Steele violated the United Kingdom's data protection law when the now-discredited compilation was leaked to Buzzfeed around the 2016 election.

Among the claims included were that Russia had compromising material on Trump and that Vladimir Putin had "supported and directed" a campaign to "cultivate" Trump as a candidate for the Republican Party.

The Guardian reported a two-day hearing is set to begin Oct. 16 on the case, and Trump is not expected to attend in person.

Steele assembled the stories in the dossier for Fusion GPS, which was being funded by Hillary Clinton's campaign and other Democrats.

The Durham Report, the result of a years-long investigation by special counsel John Durham, found that FBI agents failed to do any reasonable investigation into the allegations, and it concluded that there was no evidence of collusion between Trump's campaign and Russia.

He wrote, "Our investigators determined that the Crossfire Hurricane investigators did not and could not corroborate any of the substantive allegations contained in the Steele reporting. Not was Steele able to produce corroboration for any of the reported allegations, even after being offered $1 million or more by the FBI for such corroboration."

The National Pulse reported on the dispute that the CIA originally viewed Steele's unsubstantiated claims as "Internet rumor."

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