Christian Facing Jail for Reading Bible, Preaching Near Drag Queen Story Time

April 18, 2023
World Net Daily

This story was originally published by the WND News Center.

In a case that is illustrating how far down the path toward totalitarianism the nation of Canada has moved, a Christian now is being threatened with jail for preaching the truth of the Bible near a library's "drag queen storytime."

Fox News has profiled the case involving Nathaniel Pawlowski, whose father, Rev. Artur Pawlowski, was attacked repeatedly by the government for holding church services during the COVID-19 pandemic.

The son now is accused of violating a Calgary law that bans "protests" within 100 meters of libraries.

His "offense" was to preach and read the Bible outside a drag queen story time for children at a public library.

"We went there just to preach, read the Bible, and just speak," the 23-year-old told Fox News Digital.

Police immediately confronted them and ordered them away from any people, issuing them tickets.

It was only weeks ago that the Calgary city council turned totalitarian with a ban on "protests" near any such meeting.

Those changes were triggered by the case of Rev. Derek Reimer, who was accused of disrupting a drag queen story hour for children in the city.

Pawlowski pointed out that police enforced the law against him, but gave a pass to protesters on "the other side." Charges are pending but the report said penalties could include jail time.

He accused police of enforcing the law against only those who Calgary Mayor Jyoti Gondek "opposes."

His own message concerned "morality, biblical standards, sexual immorality and how this radical gender ideology has gone too far," he said.

Nathaniel's father made headlines around the globe for being arrested and jailed multiple times for opening his church for worship during the pandemic.

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