Christian artist's new anthem on Trump blows past 1 million in 2 weeks

March 16, 2023
World Net Daily

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An award-winning Christian music artist who has performed with the likes of Michael W. Smith and Toby Keith has put a new anthem online – and it's blown past 1 million views in just two weeks.

It also delivers a blunt, no-nonsense message to the nation as the 2024 presidential election approaches.

In that race, President Donald Trump already is a candidate, while the incumbent Democrat, Joe Biden, continues to pursue his agenda points of abortion for all and body-mutilating transgender surgeries for children.

But Natasha Owens' anthem declares: "Trump Won, and You Know It."

A commentary at the Gateway Pundit points out, though, that the FBI is "perplexed on how to retaliate."

"Natasha’s latest release highlights the popular belief that the 2020 election was stolen and Joe Biden is an imposter. Natasha mixed her belief with a catchy tune. You will love it," the report explained. "It is not clear yet how the FBI and deep state will react to Natasha’s forbidden speech. Surely they are holding meetings and paying social media to clamp down on such heresy."

Publicist Brian Mayes explained, in the Gateway Pundit report, that "Owens is doubling down with her boldest political anthem to date, 'Trump Won.' Quietly released on Youtube and Rumble with no announcement or fanfare, the video has received over 950,000 views within the first 2 weeks and continues to grow in view counts each day."

Actually, the number was approaching 1.2 million heading into this weekend.

In the statement, Owens said, "Everyone I know was so excited to have 4 more years of President Trump’s America First Agenda. Thousands of people filled stadiums for President Trump while no one was showing up for the Joe Biden rallies. We all stayed up watching the election and we were so hopeful.

"But we all woke up to unexplainable events that happened overnight. In the months and years that followed, there wasn’t much that was investigated and wrongs were not righted. Every time the topic came up people would say, 'You know Trump won' and 'Everyone knows it'. When the film '2,000 Mules' debuted I went to watch it. There was so much proof in that 2-hour documentary that Trump won. It just seemed that people were afraid to say it publicly. So I decided, it’s time for someone to sing about what is not talked about. Trump Won and You Know It."

The artist's most recent album is called "American Patriot," which combines a love of country with themes of faith and family.

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