Model Chrissy Teigen rips Ivanka Trump at Democrat retreat

Liberal celebrities have just reached a new low in finding ways to attack the women associated with Donald Trump.

While taking part in a panel discussion at a Democrat retreat in Washington, model Chrissy Teigen slammed Ivanka Trump for posting pictures of her children on social media because “there are children out there that don’t have that opportunity.”

Ridiculous Statements from Liberal Stars

The lack of common sense among liberal stars is getting worse and worse.

Their comments these days about President Trump and his family have become almost comedic.

Any time a major celebrity gets a microphone in front of them, they all try to outdo each other with more outlandish comments.

Like a true liberal, Teigen was commenting on immigrant children being separated from their parents when she went on a rant against Ivanka Trump for posting pictures of her own children.

Take a look:

Teigen essentially argued that it was immoral for Ivanka to post those pictures, because there are children in this world that don’t have the same opportunities as Ivanka’s children.

If that is the disqualifier for Teigen, she better get her pen out and start taking names of the millions of parents posting pictures of their children on social media these days — including herself.

Time to Go

It would be a different story if these people expressed this outrage during other presidential administrations when children were separated from their families.

And it would be a different story if they took up the cause for American children who are separated from parents here in America when their parents break the law and go to prison. Social services are packed with children in foster homes for that very reason.

But that does not seem to be a problem for these celebrities.

Somehow, breaking the law to get into this country is not really breaking the law, in their opinion.

Their argument is baseless and more importantly, completely idiotic.

The time has come for them simply to keep their mouths shut unless they can make a consistent and educated argument based on facts — not out of convenience to score political points.

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